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30 Day Challenge day 13 (8/13/19)- My Commute To Work

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

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My Commute to Work

To be honest, my commute to work can get very interesting. It always starts with getting up and forcing myself out of bed. It's a hard thing, forcing yourself out of bed, with your alarm screaming at you to get up and get productive, but you know that darn thing has no intentions of helping you!

The first stop is my closet. Choosing your wardrobe for work is very important you know. You want something that is comfortable and covers all the necessary parts but that still speaks to the nature of your work. I could go on for hours about this very real struggle, but that's not what this is about, so I'll move on to the actual commute.

The commute starts with selecting the perfect soundtrack. Now I prefer to go with either a fun playlist (my current creation in the department is a fun and energetic mix of Panic!At the Disco, Ed Sheeran and P!ink with a little bit of Taylor Swift thrown in for pep.) if I'm not in the mood for some energetically loud, off key singing with a few poorly coordinated dance moves, I opt for some audio storytelling instead. However, whatever I choose, I don't do so lightly. I mean what you start the day off with sets the tone for the rest of the day! I once started with some Adele and, while I love her and admire her unbelievable voice, I spent the days in tears over a lost love I never even knew let alone lost! We won't talk the amount of tissues I went through, or the strange looks I desperately tried to dodge (and often failed in doing so) form the people I came across that day. I think at one point I overheard someone on the phone talking about a pick-up in white coats...

Anyway, once I've decided on the perfect sound track, I start the long and somewhat annoying journey. This journey of mobility starts with a somewhat dangerous and all together unpredictable trek to retrieving my coffee. I know! I travel it every day, it shouldn't be that unpredictable! But I assure you, it is! The path is riddled with pot holes that, are sometimes just down right impossible to avoid, flying objects in coming at me through the air (some of them are just bugs, but others I can only assume are birds and then there are the areas of construction and road blockages! It might not sound like much, but one time, I was hit by one of those big bird like creatures! It almost cracked my windshield, I screamed so loud my throat hurt and I had to pull over to catch my breath! Then the darn thing circled back around around and came at me again! That's the day I seriously considered finding a new path to work!

Anyway, the biggest obstacle is always the road blocks! Sometimes they are huge and I'm pretty sure there's no way to get past them without colliding dangerously with the big white buildings lining my way, or the smaller but still large grey structure. I'm stuck staring at the terrible joke someone seems to have played on me by preventing me from easily making it to my coffee! Who does that?! And why? But it's a horrible reality I face all to often, choosing between my own safety of just attempting to run over the obstacles while piercing the air with a war cry so angry, so determined, so terrifying that those kamikaze flying beings, road blocks and all those who dare to hinder my ability to obtain coffee flee in fear, vowing to never return (though they will and I will again be forced to strike a fear so strong in them that they question rising from their bed the next day).

Finally I make my way to the coffee. With a lack of awareness, I demand hot, fresh black coffee with caramel or pumpkin pie spice flavoring topped with whipped cream, all in a cup that is not over flowing that will comfortably fit on my too messy desk at work for me to happily enjoy. I ignore the accusations that I am just too demanding and do everything in my power to facilitate the addition of coffee to my morning adventure, being sure to leave all involved with a big and enthusiastic "Thank you!" (they are providing me the fluid of life, after all) and a tip (Just breath is a good one) before setting off to find my way to work.

This part of the commute is pretty small, though it does involve some swerving around dangerous ways full if curves and unpredictable hills that constantly threaten to share it's components by allowing them to slide down it's sides before pouring it all along the path, causing for frequent stops to remove debris when necessary and vowing, yet again, to contact the authorities. There's got to be a national help program to assist here, right? I mean this is getting dangerous!

And when the debris has decided to obey orders and stay right where it has been deemed appropriate, one must be careful not to cause too much of a tail wind or bump the sides of the hills too hard with anything lest the hill will happily relieve it's load of debris all over you and your means to arrive at work.

But finally, I arrive to my too small, overly stocked, somewhat cramped office filled with books, papers and designed on dreams to sit down in my desk chair, mug of coffee in today's choice of cup in hand, comfy P.J's or sweats covering all the appropriate places and my two year old and her toys making a mess in the living room while my choice of audio stories or musical playlist escapes the T.V speakers and I start my day at work, smiling with possibilities and excited to see what the day has in store for me, but most of all, thankful that the flying toys I feared were kamikaze toys didn't do any damage to me or my glasses and that I am lucky enough to work form home...just feet away from my nice, comfy bed.

Messy view of my office...from my bed. What a long commute.

That's my commute to work. What about yours? What's the highlight of your daily commute to work or school? Let us know down in the comments!

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