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30 Day Challenge Day 22 (8/23/19)- Morning Routine

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

My morning routine- I'll give you a involves coffee!

My morning starts as you might expect. It often starts with a half awake, slightly crabby two-year-old either yelling at me to "Get up, Mommy!" or singing her good morning song at me. If she's not the cause of my exit from the dream world, my annoying, never relenting alarm is the cause of my awakening. Generally speaking, I don't want to get up...but I do.The first thing I do from there is make sure coffee is brewing! There's just not much motivation first thing in the morning without the promise of coffee!

Maybe part of the reason don't want to get up is because, even though I might quickly check Facebook before I start, the first big task I conquer is cleaning. Ugh! I hate cleaning! Of course that's part of the reason I do it first. This way I have to get my cleaning done before I do the stuff I really want to do, like to go work, read, play video games, watch T.V with the know. The fun stuff! What I clean, though, depends on what day of the week it is. I clean a different room each day of the week, do some laundry and dishes and then maintain the cleaning daily.

After cleaning, my routine depends on the time. If it's before 10:30, I work on the tasks scheduled to be done in office that day, if it's after 10:30, I work on lunch and sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee without sipping on my coffee in between twenty tasks. Of course after cleaning and lunch is done, I happily jump into my office to officially stat my work day!

What is your morning routine? Does it look anything like mine? let us know in the comments!

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