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30 Day Challenge day 25 (8/26/19)- 4 odd traits I have (according to family)

Image by JW Photography of my son and father on my wedding day

4 odd things about me

4 odd things about me...what on earth could those be? I thought about it...for a long time...but I concluded that I don't have any. I'm totally normal! Okay, so that might not be true but I couldn't come up with anything that struck me as odd, and those that I thought might be odd, well then I find that others have similar interests, characteristics or traits so I turned to my family and asked them. So, I asked four family members one odd characteristic they see in me. I asked my son, my oldest daughter, my husband and my chosen sister for one characteristic each that they find to be odd. This is what they said...

1. My daughter (10 years old): The first thing she thought of when I asked her was that I have dyslexia. While yea, that's a true fact, we weren't sure that was "weird" or "odd" enough to qualify so she continued to think about it. Finally, she decided to go with my somewhat unnatural affection for nutcrackers. I've talked about this before so I won't go into details about this, but l do have more then 100 nutcrackers in my collection so and I have a fun ability to spot them on television and in stores. So...yea...I guess that counts as odd.

2. My husband: I have to take hot showers, I mean really hot. I like hot showers so hot that I come out looking almost sunburned. A typical "warm" shower or even "hot" shower for most feels cold to me!

3. My chosen sister (she's my best friend but we have a crazy strong bond that results in a family-like connection)- I don't hear my dad's accent. My dad was born and raised in New York. While I'm not in another country, we do live in Iowa. I have heard on more then one occasion that his accent is so think it's hard to understand him. I, on the other hand, don't hear it at all! Like with the exception of a couple words (hospital, ambulance) I don't hear it at. all. Well, unless he's under a huge amount of distress, which has only happened once in my 36 years of life. While I maintain that it's because I was raised with him and is used to his accent, I've also been told that when I'm around/talk to my dad a lot and get tired or distressed, I start to pick up his accent...though I can not, for the life of me, fake a New York accent to save my life.

4. And finally my son (17 years old): He informed me that when I become exhausted, I not only decide that pointing is a helpful way to communicate, especially when words fail me, but I also do so in an almost childlike manor. He said that's how he know that I'm extremely tired and done with being awake.

So...there you have it. 4 odd things about me bought to you by 4 members of my family. What's something odd about you? Let us know in the comments!

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