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30 Day Challenge Day 28 (8/29/19)- If you say that one more time...

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A word or phrase I say a lot...or, as some say...too much

We all have those "catch phrases", right? You know, those words or phrases that we say all of the time, sometimes to the point that everyone who hears the phrase used at all thinks about you and might even look around to see where you are upon hearing it. These phrases may be as connected to your image as "How rude!" and "You got it, dude!" became for the younger two Tanner girls in Full House. They may be just an odd little thing uttered to help express how you feel like Temperance Brennan's "I don't know what that means," on Bones, or my friends, "I was not amused." And some of them are just something you say.

For me, my over used phrase would be, "you know what I mean?" I know, I say it a lot and it kind of drives my husband crazy, however, it's become my phrase for a reason. I developed the habit of using that phrase because I was looking for confirmation that the people i was talking to were listening, following the conversation and understanding what I was saying. So, at least it has a purpose, right?

So, that's the that's the phrase I say a lot! What about you? What word or phrase do you use so much that some may say you use too much? Let us know in the comments!

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