30 Day Writing Challenge Day 14 (8/14/19)- My Life in Seven years

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

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My Life in Seven Years

Here we go again, another boring post. Most people would think about their life in Seven years and have a long list of things they'd like to change. My list is pretty small because, honestly, I like my life. We have ups and down and can be just plain hard! But the truth is, I don't want much to change. So, here are the bullet points I'd like to see in my life in seven years.

* More financially Stable. I'd be okay if we didn't have to be quit so careful with our money.

*One child graduated from college and making his way in the field he chooses while living close to home and maybe even starting a family.

* One child choosing her college (hopefully near home) and forming her dreams and her life plans.

*Three happy children

*A happy husband who is advancing in his chosen profession and realizes that everyday he goes to work, he has the power to change lives.

*More space, weather in this house or another. Just enough that we're not always worried about it, fighting against a lack of it and...just maybe...allows me to have my own office in a room instead of a corner!

*A fun and successful store where people on any budget can shop guilt free!

*over all, a healthy and happy family!

So, yea...not very exciting, but these are my long term goals...in a nutshell. What about you? What do you want your life to look like in seven years? We'd love you to share it with us!

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