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30 Day Writing Challenge Day 16 (8/16/19)- Like a Bullet Through My Day

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Like a bullet through my day

It wasn't too long ago that I wouldn't have been able to write this blog post. I would have said something like "I wake up. I do stuff. Different stuff. I go into my office and do more stuff." I know, not very informative but my days lacked structure, routine and uniformity. Now, while there still is variation depending on the day, I at least wake up knowing what I'm going to do and what I aim to accomplish...most of the time. Then, again, there are plenty of days in which life gets in the way and I do have three kids so that can sometimes provide distractions (sometimes welcomed).

My daily routine depends heavily on what day of the week it is. I know this sounds crazy, but it's the system that works for me. I divide my house hold chores up among the seven days of the week, allowing me to focus on one area of cleaning each day and still get to spend time in my office and find some balance. I'd usually be happy to share that part of my schedule with you, but that's currently under construction. In addition, I enforce a similar technique at "work", laying out specific tasks to each day of the week, allowing me to further my necessary balance and still create a productive life. So please forgive the somewhat vagueness of the following billeted day events.

* Wake up

*Get coffee going

* Do a quick check of social media (primarily Facebook)

* Dishes

* Clean the room of the day

* Do cleaning to maintain

*Wake baby up if she's not already awake

*Make lunch

* Eat lunch/make lunch calls

* Drink coffee while continuing lunch call

* Check social media and email

* Check in with kids about their days (primarily on school days)

* Begin day's larger tasks

* Chat with husband

* Decide/finalize dinner plans

* Make dinner

*Eat family dinner

*Return to office

* Complete work day

* Shower

* Read

*take nightly meds and watch an episode of current show

* go to bed

*Hope I can sleep

Rinse and repeat

Let me just state that this day schedule is broken up throughout the day by unscheduled interactions with the amazing and loving family and friends I have in my life, further making it difficult to accurately portray my day.

But, that's my general day. What does yours look like? What do we have in common? Let us know in the comments.

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