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30 Day Writing Challenge Day 2-Earliest Memory

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

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Day 2-Earliest Memory

We lived in a side by side duplex not far from where I live now. I couldn't have been older then four years old, a fact confirmed by the fact that we moved from that duplex when I was four. It was so long ago,but I still have a feeling for the layout of the unit. The small kitchen you walk into, a small dinning room, the brown shag carpet that was probably ugly and out of style, even in that time, the early 1980's. And off of the living room, was a small room with a cement floored room that connected both units together, with doors going out to the large cement slab functioning as a porch in back. Two slabs, one for each unit.

I was playing on the living room floor, my Strawberry Shortcake toys spread out on the shag carpet. I loved those toys. They were my favorite. Later my mom would tell me that, originally, they were her collection. She had them displayed on a shelf in the room her and my dad shared and I would go into her room and demand that she get them down for me to play with. Soon my room had adopted the theme and the collection was no longer hers, but my favorite toys.

But this day, in this particular memory, I sat surrounded by the toys I loved so much when my mother can over. She said something, but I don't really remember what it was she said and then she went to the closet door behind me and opened it. On the top shelf, far out of my little girl reach, were boxes. I couldn't read, but the images on the side of the boxes made it so I didn't need to read. They were large Strawberry Shortcake toys. I know now that my mom would purchase new Strawberry Shortcake toys when she could and then store them in the closet, especially the large one. She would then use them as rewards, holiday/birthday gifts or, sometimes, just because additions to my growing collection of sweet smelling toys.

My mother reached up and pulled down a box that, to me, looked huge. She handed it to me the box. It was the box containing the Berry-rific carousal (that may not be the right name for it, but it's what I remember. It was a tall flower with seats hanging down from the underside of the large bloomed white flower. They were red with little tiny bumps on the side that fit into small wholes on either side of the "seat belts" and the Strawberry Shortcake figures fit into them. Once secured, you would pull the yellow center of the white flower up. When you pushed it back down, it would send the flower spinning. I loved that toy!

That's where the memory fades out again, with receiving that new toy. To be honest, I'm not even sure how I remember that.

I guess I do have another memory. It's not nearly as clear and I'm not sure if it took place before or after this one. It takes place in the kitchen, a narrow but long room that also happened to be the room you first walked into from the front door. My mother was standing either at the counter or the stove, I'm not sure. She was doing something and we were talking about what I was going to be for Halloween. I think I may have wanted to be a witch or something but my mom wanted me to be a clown. She was insistent and I was mad because I did not want to be a clown at all. I think I got so mad that I stormed out of the kitchen, but, again, I'm not sure. That memory is in fragments and those fragments are far less vivid then when I received the carousal.

So there you have it. My earliest memory and a bonus memory. What was your earliest memory? How old were you? Was it a happy memory? Share yours in the comments!

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