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30 Day Writing Challenge Day 6 (8/6/19)-Someone who fascinates me

7.7 billion. Well, and always counting. That's how many living people are on the planet right now. Just right now. That doesn't count all those we've lost or those who have yet to enter this world. So, then, how do you choose who to be fascinated with, when and why? How do we stand out, when there are 7.7 billion (and counting) other people in the world (because even since I wrote that opening, I'm confident another life has been added)? Honestly, I don't know. I think it's more instinctual then choice. We see something in another that just draws us in and, if you're like me, you begin the google searches, the hours of viewing YouTube videos after YouTube video. And, many of us hop from obsession to obsession, source of fascination to fascination so, while in a week this answer may change, currently there are two people I'm "fascinating with".

Brendon Urie-

To be honest, at first, I wasn't impressed. I thought that he came off as cockey and overly ensured in the videos of his live performances, however the more I watched, the more I realized how wrong I was.

Brendon Urie has had a whirl wind, if not expedited journey to success as the lead singer in Panic! at the disco, yet, though he's spent his entire adult life in the instantly successful band, he doesn't take himself too seriously and he still reacts with an almost surprise and honor when anyone shares with him that they're a fan or that he had an impact in their lives. His songs are riddled with little crumbs of stories he's lived and experienced while infusing his somewhat surprising religious upbringing which he doesn't subscribe to, but still finds value and sees the influence it had/has on him through a variety of ways from calling his fans "sinners" to injecting it in lyrics of his songs. Hes fun, quirky and has a stage presence that is undeniably strong and unique; a stage persona of high energy that pushes his concerts forward with fun and entertaining excitement that is only hinted at during interviews, live streams and every day conversations. As if that wasn't enough, he also openly shares his experiences and struggles with all too common health issues as ADHD and anxiety, sharing his experiences while making it very clear that they are just that, his experiences, and that the world of mental and emotional heath is not cut and dry, set in stone, right or wrong. He advocates for controversial social topics such as sexuality and mental health, encouraging everyone to educate themselves and do what's right for them rather then just succumbing to complacency of society norms and demands. And through all of this, he continues to make a diverse collection of catchy, touching songs starting with punk and making it's way through the 80's, Frank Sinatra, pop and any other genre he gets the inkling to conquer.

The other person that I find myself fascinated with, for somewhat similar but different reasons is...


Alecia More, or P!nk as we know her, has also been in the artistic arena for a number of years. She's grown up with a personality and voice that is big and not to be ignored. She's managed to stay grounded, with a sense of responsibility and understanding that she is truly blessed to have been gifted the voice she gets to share with us, and, with it, a platform to say something; to make a difference. While her slightly off beat life is fuel for her unbelievable music, she is quick to laugh at herself and have fun. She flies by the seat of her pants, and if you've ever seen her preform, you'll know she does this literally and metaphorically. She, too, leaves crumbs of her real life experiences in her songs, while openly talking about the very things we, as a society, don't want to or don't know how to talk about in a real way. She doesn't let anyone stand in her way and constantly pushes herself forward to do the things that scare her the most. The easy way out isn't her way out.

And, through it all, she advocates for a stronger society and girl power, embracing the forgotten, the rejected and "abnormal", lifting them up and empowering us all. She hides very little, if anything and all while touching us, moving us and making us dance with her collection of songs ranging from ballads to pop and she's going strong! There is something about her honesty, her grounded-ness and her energy that pulls me in and makes me want to find more (and I'm not talking about her music, which I love). She's a women I'd be thrilled to see my daughters look up to and be inspired by.

So, there's my poetic waxing on two people I am not only fascinated with, but admire, look up to and really love. What about you? Who are you currently fascinated with and why?Let us know in the comments!

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