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30 Day writing challenge...why?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

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Why are we on this journey?

I received some feedback today and, in this conversation, it became very clear that I didn't do my job as well as I had hoped. You see, I decided to do the 30 day writing challenge and share it with all of you, but I wasn't clear as to why I decided to do it, which has caused some confusion, and I can't say that I blame you so I've decided to step back for a second and pretend that I haven't posted any of the challenge yet so that I can take a second to begin this journey right! So here it goes!

Hi, everyone! While searching the wide world of stuff we call the internet, I came upon a 30 day writing challenge. I was intrigued and, after thinking about it, I decided to jump in and share the journey with all of you. Why, you ask with good reason? Well there's a plethora of reasons.

First of all, I thought it could be a fun way for you all to get to know me, hear my story and maybe even, if we're lucky, get to know you a little, too. And by using the challenge topics, it pushes me to step outside of my traditional comfort zone to give you a more real, authentic look at me and my story.

Secondly, I hoped it would help me slip back into my writing a little easier. I love to write but find that I often push it aside for other necessary tasks and I've promised myself that I will go back to writing again in a number of fashions. By taking on this challenge, I thought it would help me find my way back.

The challenge was also a way for me to open the door to stories. We're here to celebrate stories of all kind including our own and the best way to start celebrating, is to share them. I hoped that by opening up and sharing my story, maybe it would help you do the same...or maybe remind some of you that you're not alone!

And finally, I wanted to experiment. I wanted to see how a challenge like this would look and, if, it was even something that would fit on my plate. I figured there would be some changes that I'd decide should be made if I ever do this again, but like life, it's a map we draw through trial and error experiences.

So, that's why we've embarked on this journey. I know it might get a little bumpy, but I hope you join me in this journey in the way you feel most comfortable, weather by reading along with me and maybe commenting or by writing along with me and completing the 30 day challenge yourself. Either way, I'm happy to have you by my side as we take it one blog at a time and learn as we go!

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