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30 Writing Challenge day 5 (8/5/19)-A Place I've Never Been

I'm going to cheat a little on this one for a couple of reasons. One because my answer to the actual question in the challenge isn't very interesting and two, because I misread it and think that my answer to the question I thought it was asking is more interesting.

The actual question was "What's one place you'd like to live but have never visited." My answer to that is...I can't think of a place. While where I live isn't perfect, it's pretty good for me. It's not a huge city like New York or Chicago, which isn't right for me (though I'm sure is perfect for many other people) but it's not too small, either. For me to choose another location, I'd have to go there. I'd have to see it and get a feel for it. See? Not very interesting.

However, what I thought it said was, "What's a place you'd like to go but have never been." and to that, I have a more interesting answer. So...

When I was growing up, I heard others talk about wanting to visit these hugely romantic places like Paris France or Spain or even Rome, but I didn't look at a map and think, "I want to travel hours upon hours to go there!" I wanted to go to places like Disney World. Who cared if it didn't require a passport?

Then, in sixth grade, I was introduced to Anne Shirley. Oh how I loved her right from the start! I watched the movies so many times I wore out more then one set of video cassette tapes! Then I read the books and it only made me love her more. So when I learned that Prince Edward Island is a real place and it's where L.M Montgomery actually lived, I knew I had to go there. I knew I needed to one day see where Anne lived and get as close to her as I could. I wanted to find Avonlea! I know...a little island off the northern cost of Canada doesn't seem very exciting, it's the place my dreams are made of!

Then, when I was a teenager, a Television show appeared on the WB. I was drawn to it because the guy who played Charlie in the Might Duck movies was in it...and not only did I love those movies, but Charlie was my favorite. What I ended up finding every week when I turned the T.V to the WB was my best friends. Dawson, Pacey, Joey, Jen and all of their friends were my friends. The got me somehow. They understood me and could put words to what I was feeling even when I couldn't. So, naturally, when I learned that Dawson's Creek and, later One Tree Hill (another show I really enjoyed) was filmed in a town called Wilmington North Carolina and they used actual places around time in the shows, well you know that made my list. And, even years later, I still hope to one day walk the same streets as Joey Potter.

And then, in my adult years, I finally added a location to my travel bucket list over seas. It's not some place full of excitement, but calm and beauty. Rich with history but not too showy about it. Then again, maybe it also has something to do with my son's fascination and intense interest with the culture and the country. But, no matter the inspiration that has grabbed me, I'd love to see Ireland!

So, there you have it! 3 of the top locations on my travel bucket list! What do you think? Is my list boring? Or do you have similar list? Let us know where you'd like to travel in the comments below!

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