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Book Reveiw: Ho! Ho! Ho! It's the Santa Suite

Title: The Santa Suit

Author: Mary Kay Andrews

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What's it about?

Ivy is eager to start over again and to put her relationship fail behind her. Her first step is to buy a house unseen in a small town she's never been to and knows no one. But when she arrives, she finds that the house isn't quite what she had expected, starting with the fact that the previous owners hadn't even cleaned out all of their stuff! As she sets to work discarding the items left behind that she doesn't want, either, she finds a Santa suit which appears to have been owned by a very well loved Santa, and in the pocket, she finds a letter to the big man himself from a little girl years ago who has a big Christmas wish. Ivy's curiosity is peaked and she finds herself dying to know what ever became of this little girl and if she did get her wish. It's a mystery begging to be solved, even if she is busy making her new house a home and getting to know the people who make up this new town she lives in.

What's were my favorites?

Favorite Character: This was a hard choice, seeing as how there is not real "bad guy" in this story. The town is filled with slightly eccentric characters, all of whom managed to make me like them, so how can I pick a favorite? Well...I have! Kind of. I picked two.

Ivy makes the list of top two favorites, for sure. She's strong, full of heart and independent but she also acknowledges her own personal growth and change which I really liked.

My second favorite character was Laurence. He was just a fun character, rough around the edges but sweet. You can't help but to love him.

Least Favorite Character: As I said before, these choices of favorite and least favorite characters were hard to come by this time but my least favorite character was Ivy's ex husband. He's not the first person I think of when I think about the characters of this book but, if there were going to be someone I really don't like, it would be him.

Favorite Part: The festival because it was fun and sweet and perfect. And it totally made me chuckle.

Other thoughts?

I usually don't read holiday books like this, though I don't know why since I watch countless Christmas movies every year with the T.V stuck on the Hallmark channel most years. So, I went into this skeptical but, I really enjoyed it! I listened to audio version of this sweet story (you can to here! ) and I could really imagine it as a Hallmark movie! It was fun, heart warming, simple and fun. It felt like Christmas, even if it was predictable.

What do I rate it?

I give this book a


out of

10 Christmas wishes

But that's what I thought. What did you think? Are you a huge holiday book person, or, like me, do you just stick to the holiday movies most years? Let us know in the comments.

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