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Book Review: A Not-so-uniform review

Title:The Not-so-Uniform Life of Holly-Mei

Author: Christina Matula

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What's it about?

Holly-Mei's summer is not going as expected. First she managed to make everyone mad at her and isolate herself from her friends and then her parents announce that they are moving from Canada to China and, incase that's not bad enough, Holly-Mei's grandmother won't be moving with them, even though she has lived with the family for years!

The more Holly-Mei things about it, the more she realizes that this might not be a bad thing at all! This is a chance to get a new start, make new friends. But when she arrives, she is hit with the reality that change isn't always as easy as it seems and her mother's promotion is changing more then just her mother's location. The pressure for her to make a good impression, excel socially and academically is on and she's not all that sure she's up for the challenge but she's sure not willing to give up, either.