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Book Review: Cross Bones

Title: Cross Bones

Author: Kimberly Vale

Expected release date: 10/5/21

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What's it about?

They say "Never trust a pirate" and it's not the worst advice, but is it all the best? That's debatable. But the question is impossible to NOT ask when then Blood Bell rings, announcing the Pirate King's death and as there's no known heir, the thrown now sits empty. The next step is a deadly trial, at the end of which, one pirate captain will be named the new King....or the first ever Pirate Queen.

Csilla Abado. She's strong, determined and in touch with her humanity. She's the caption on the Scarlett Maiden, the only all female pirate ship but what if those who she thinks she can trust, can't really be trusted? Will she put her faith in the wrong people or will she trust no one? She wants to wear the crown more then anything but where will she draw the line? How far will she go?

Kane Blackwater is living his life trying to prove to his dead father that he's not the black sheep of Blackwater family, and to everyone else (mostly himself) that he is the right captain for the Iron Jewel. He's a little broody, keeping his thoughts and emotions to himself with a bit of an anger issue and he's bound and determined to be crowned king.

Lorelei Penny isn't a pirate at all. She's just a girl living with her mother who seems to be going mad. She's pulled by the sea and fascinated with the pirates that everyone else seems to think dangerous and heartless, but finds herself anxious when she comes face to face with real life powers but when she finds herself with no other choice but to trust the very people everyone says you can't, will she trust the pirates or will she become another victim?

Desperate times call for desperate measures when the Bone Crown is at steak. Will Kane, Csilla and Lorelei manage to survive the trials and the other pirate captains long enough to see who gets to wear the crown in the end? Or will the die before they ever know the newest occupants of the Pirate King's throne?