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Book Review: Dear, Santa (mild spoiler alert)

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Title: Dear, Santa

Author: Macomber

Genre: Fiction/Holiday/Romance

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What's it about?

Lindy's a lost girl, left to reorganize her life after the biggest betrayal of her life, so she's happy to spend two weeks over Christmas at home with her family, where she might just belong. But when she arrives home, she can't quit seem to hid her pain from her mother who doesn't exactly know just how deep the betrayal in Lindy's personal life fan. Of course, her mother being her mother, she has just the thing to help Lindy feel better, a walk down memory lane guided by a box of old letters Lindy wrote to Santa when she was a kid. But when her mom suggests that maybe Lindy put her faith into Santa one more time and write a letter to the guy in the red suit, she scoffs, until she finds herself doing just that. But sometimes the very things you think you want are the things that will mix things up the most in your life. Is she ready to have what she thought she wanted? Can she accept it if it doesn't look the way she expected it to?


Favorite Character: Peggy, Lindy's childhood friend. I loved how colorful she was, enthusiastic, fun, creative and positive. I liked how her idea of fun wasn't partying (though wine may very well be included) but somehow always managed to be fun, high energy and, often times, absolutely creative in a way that makes me totally jealous. Plus, she was supportive and understanding of her friend, knowing when to push and not to push but always making sure that Lindy knew, wiout a doubt, that Peggy was there for her and on her side.

Least Favorite Character: Well, obviously, my lest favorite are those she left back "home" for the holidays but as far as the people we get to see a lot of, I'd have to say Billy. I know! He's the love interest and all, but there was something about his intensity that didn't feel quit right with me. I think it's becuase the books is short and the whirl wind romance had to have a level of intensity to it in order for the story to work out right, but, I'm not going to lie, I may have found him creepy if he were in my life. However, he's not a bad person at all and, had he not been so intense, I most likely would have loved him.

Favorite Party: Oddly enough, my favorite part wasn't a huge part of the story. My favorite part was the dinner scavenger hunt. It's a part of the reason I loved Peggy so much. In fact, I liked the idea so much, I kind of wish I could put one together, too!

Other thoughts?

I read a Debbie Macomber book not too long ago. I had been really excited about it because I know people who love her, but I was disappointed. I walked away feeling like she was over rated, but I promised myself I'd read at least one more of her books. Maybe it was just the one I didn't love. I'm so glad I did. I listened to this book (find Dear, Santa at my favorite place to listen to audio books at )and I loved it! It felt like a cozy, rom-com, holiday Hallmark movie, complete with some of the forgivable predictability.

I so very much appreciated the importance of traditions in this story, and the close family relationships. The letters to Santa had the perfect feel of nostalgia, Christmas time and just the right amount of magic. There are few hard and fast, actually answers in the book but the engulfment of hope, magic and the holiday season seemed to just ooze from the page, which makes me a very happy holiday story consumer.

However, I couldn't help but to wish that the story took up more pages. I get that it's meant to be an easily consumed holiday tale and I appreciate that, but the relationship between Billy and Lindy just seemed a little too spring loaded and, while, I know that Lindy sometimes questions their relationship and the speed of which it all happened, it still felt...wrong.

In the end, I really enjoyed this book and it would be considered for a reread, even if I can't declare that I will read it again right her.

What do I rate it?

I give this a


out of

10 letters to Santa

But that's just what I thought? Did you like this book, too? How does it compare to other Christmas by Debbie Macomber? Let us know in the comments.

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