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Book review: Descent Infernal Guard (#2) Decent

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Title: Descent (Infernal Guard #2)

Author: S G D Singh

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What's it about? Jax is alone with just one person in the world she can rely on. Lucas. When he disappears suspiciously, Jax refuses to just let him go without some answers, though the answers she finds may not exactly be the answers she suspects.

After tracking down leads and mysterious evidence, Jax finds herself in a hotel room, surrounded by vampires (they're real?!) of whom just happens to be using Lucas' body. Well versed in life on the streets, Jax is completely unprepared for the situation she's found herself in, and even less prepared to be rescued by a group of warriors who seem to have way too much information about the vampires they are slaughtering before her eyes. That's when Jax's life takes the biggest unexpected turn ever. The commander of the team who rescued her convinces her to spend three days with them, while the rest of her team seem more then just a little skeptical and obvious do not agree in Commander Asha's decision.

Before Jax knows it, Asha and the gang have recruited her to join their ranks, if just temporarily, to travel to a whole new dimension filled with underworlds and, yes, death, in hopes of rescuing one person believed to be the answer to all of the hell threatening to be unleashed on our world. It is up to them, and some unexpected allies, to save the kidnapped seer from monsters unimaginable to mere civilians like Jax.


Favorite Characters: While I still love Aquilia and he will always be a favorite of mine (as well as Nidhan, Asha and Lexi, of course) my true favorite in this addition to the Sega of Asha and the gang is Sid. Yes. A underworlder. A vampire stuck in the 70's. I loved him! While quirky doesn't even begin to describe him and he did kind of seem a little out of place, Sid the vampire banished in the 70's was perfect! He was funny and ridiculous but the perfect manifestation of Asha's compassion and why it's important! He opens the door to so many other opportunities to possibly take place in future books and proves that compassion is sometimes rewarded. He's funny in a somewhat unexpected way and brings some light to a very dark world.

I also really liked Zaiden. While I feel like he could have had more characterization, I did really enjoy him and loved his strong sense of morals and acceptance.

Least Favorite Character: Surprisingly enough, Ranya. (I know! Who would have guessed)? Mostly because she's about the only one that I can remember their name. I also really disliked most of the underworlders they came across in the underworld. Favorite part: Anything that had Sid in it was a huge source of entertainment for me. Also, again, as in the last book, I really enjoyed the interactions between Asha and Aquilia. Favorite Quote: "But you know what? there will always, always be a darkness to balance the light. There will always be a negative to every positive. But here's the thing. It only takes one light to banish the darkness of an entire world..." (pg. 412) This quote said by Asha signifies, to me, hope. I am a believer that our world is based on balance. There is no good without evil, no dark without light but I also believe that there are certain people and deeds that can, in fact, minimize the negative, tipping the scales, even if only temporarily, in favor of good, right and light. This line not only illustrates that, but gives hope to us all.

Any other thoughts? This addition to the trilogy felt different then the first some how, though I can't explain how. I loved that we saw many of the same characters from the first book with some new additions and I greatly appreciated that many of the characters from the first book not in the second were at least mentioned enough to know where they were. They weren't forgotten. With that being said, though, I did feel like there could have been some more call back to the first book.

I understand that the guard are not your typical population. Things move fast. Their lives is centered around death and the knowledge that it will happen, likely sooner rather then later, but I felt like some of the losses seen in the first book as well as some of the big events would have had a bigger hold on the characters then it seemed to. However, I did love that the characters' progression seemed natural. They maintained their characteristics with out drastic changes that didn't seem overly likely for the size of the change and their characterization was a slow process. I liked that you got to see relationships strengthen in such small ways that you almost miss it until you realize all of a sudden that it's happened. Again, the universe was also portrayed beautifully with distinct differences between the worlds visited. It was interesting to see what differentiates the two worlds while seeing how they are the same all at the same time, further drawing me into the world and wishing I could be a member of the guard. Okay...maybe not a member exactly but somehow a part of it without chasing down monsters...

Anyway, the universe seemed to strengthen and expand through travels around the world and the introduction of more guard members and new ideas. Over all, I loved this book, too! Though I was disappointed to start the book with Jax exclusively, I grew to like her a lot and I rooted for her by the end. I was excited to see how the story would end and was so thankful that I had the third book in the trilogy already in my possession to start right away (which I would totally recommend to anyone who wants to read the trilogy).

What do I rank this book? I give this book a 4 out of 5 banished vampires from the 70's But that's just my thoughts, what did you think? Who did you love? Who did you hate? How would you rate this book? Let us know in the comments!

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