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Book Review: Elephants' Ears

Title: The Elephants' Ears

Written by: Catherine Chambers

Illustrated by: Caroline Mockford

Age Recommendations: 3-7 years 

This is a review I wrote a while back for the blog I was running then. When I saw that we got to add this amazing book to our bookstore, I was excited to share this review with all of you amazing people!

What is it about?

This fable about a mother elephant's dedication to help her two, very different, children the right place for them to live where they can be happy, ending with a fun explanation as to the origin of Asian and African elephants. 

What did we think?

My husband's biggest complaint about this story was that he wished that more time as spent on getting to know the two young elephants, Palo and Mala, while they were kids before exploring their journey to finding the right home. While I understand that this is a children's story and too long a length would be counter-intuitive, I kind of agree with him. 

On the other hand, I really liked the story. I loved the fact that the little elephants were both very different with hugely different strengths and weaknesses, yet the mother elephant still loved them both very much and didn't favor either of her children. I also admire her ability to seek out the right place for them to live and send them there, even though it is far away from her. As a mother. I feel that that would be very hard to do and I dread the day I will have to do the same.

I addition, my husband and I both really enjoyed the art. While my husband noted that the colors used in the illustrations are colors that he associates with the regions highlighted in this story.  

I love the imperfections about the images that, while rough and almost unpolished look amazing and cause you to fall in love. The art style reminds me of paintings that a child or adult would do sitting in their own home with art supplies they had laying around the house and it just feels perfect for this story! 

My husband also enjoyed the way that this story explained the differences between African and Asian elephants and how they came to live where they live. In addition, he toughly enjoyed the time the little elephants were kids, which was also his favorite part of the book! 

While I don't think I can pin point a favorite point in the story, my husband and I both really enjoyed this tale and have come back to it again and again. We both agree that we would, in fact, recommend this tale to the children in our life!

What would we rate it?

My husband gives this jewel a....

4 out of 5 elephant ears

I would give this jewel a...

4 out of 5 elephant ears

Now that I've told you our thoughts on this wonderful treasure, I want to hear what you think! Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it to the children in your life? Let us know in the comments! 

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