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Book Review: If you Can't Quit Cryin'' You can't Come Here No More

Title: You Can't Quit Cryin'; You Can't Come Here No More

Author: Betty Frizzell

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Spec Spot

TRIGGER ALERT: This book is filled with triggers regarding abuse, drug abuse, violence, mental health involving those of all different ages and children.

What's it about?

Betty Frizzell's childhood was far from perfect, or even ideal. Raised in an abusive, single family home, she fought her way way out of the poverty and abuse riddled cycle into something more, eager to shed the title of "white trash".

Years later, as an adult with her own family, she finds herself engulfed in her family's drama again, this time when her sister's accused of murder, leaving her son to his own devices, which is only a big deal when his unmanaged mental illness, including schizophrenia, makes it's way right into the forefront.

What's it about?

This short book seemed to hold the weight of the world between the covers. It's filled with dark and painful truths, injustices and heart break. It's a short but but, by no means easy.