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Book Review: Immortal Longings

Title: Immortal Longings

Author: Chloe Gong

Spec Spot

What's it about?

Princess Calla is in hiding from everyone, even the family that's still alive, living in a lower income apartment complex and keeping her head down in hopes no one will realize she's the murderous princess who's supposed to be dead.

Anton is doing whatever he can to survive after being kicked out of the life of luxury he once had. Now most of his money goes to hospital bills to keep his teenage sweetheart alive even when no one, not even her own family is willing to fight for her.

Prince August is privileged and he knows it. While he likes what he's got, he's not exactly thrilled with his current situation.

But, as different as they seem, they all have a few things in common.

  1. They all have the ability to "jump" or jump out of one body into another using their qi.

  2. They all want to win the deadly game that takes place once a year in which 88 players fight til the death until only one is left standing.

  3. None of them are happy with the way the King is ruling the land and would love to see him dethroned.

  4. They can't achieve their goals alone.

They say only one can survive. Which one will it be in the end?


Favorites character: I really liked Calla. She's not just a strong, kick butt woman, but she's is willing to do what she thinks needs to be done, is determined and has some morals in a world where morals seem to be optional. I can't help but to respect that.

But I also like August. Sure he was cocky, entitled and arrogant but he had a charm and he was trying to do what he thought was right by using what he had. While I don't always agree with the choices he made or the way he went about doing getting what he wanted, I couldn't help but to like my time with him.

Least Favorites character:The king. This may sound weird but, give me a chance. I could hate him becuase of the way he treats his people and, I must admit, that does play a part in why I dislike him. But I really got a sour taste in my mouth when we met him and he was being announced into the room with drums. He was in his own palace, going to talk to his adopted son and he had drummers follow around with him to play announce his presence as if he was some great deity or saint while all the time he did the bare minimum he needed to for those he was supposed to rule and did as much as he could to ensure a nice, cushy luxurious lifestyle for him. Yea. Not much of a fan.

Favorites Part: The end because, while it annoyed me because it just ended and I will have to wait for the second book to come out, it did confirm some of my suspicions which made me feel smart for figuring it out.

Other Thoughts?

I got to see the author speak about this book and diversity within genres and subgenres at an online conference and I fell in love with the very idea of this book as she presented it. I knew I had to read it. I'm kind of glad that I didn't get it that day and had to wait some before I could get my own copy because if I hadn't, I'd have to wait even longer before the second book comes out and the time I have to wait now already feels like way too much time.

I loved that the mythology and inspiration for the culture and society in this story comes from Chinese mythology. I can't put into words how much I am enjoying seeing not just Greek mythology but other culture's mythologies getting a new life and new stories! While this one is dark (as mythology tends to be), it was absolutely hard to put down.

I do have to admit, I did find the idea of qis jumping bodies at will kind of creepy. I couldn't help but to feel for the bodies that were jumped in and out of if they had a qi already inside. Not because the other qi dies, but becuase of the confusion those poor people must experience when they get their body back, plus how violated would you feel? Thinking about it just makes me feel kind of creeped out. I don't often think of myself as a control freak, but in situations like this, I start to wonder if maybe I am.

I loved the way this story played out. I liked how the romance was there, but not at the forefront, and that each character was flawed but loveable. You kind of felt for all of them, even if you don't agree with their choices or how they survived.

So, I'll be eagerly awaiting the next in the series and happily re-read the first book before the second when the time comes out. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to all dystopian fans.


I give this book a


out of

10 royal crowns

But that's just what I thought. What did you think? Did you hate it? Do you wish you cold jump? Who did you want to win? Tell us in the comments.

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