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Book Review: Legendborn

Title:Legendborn (#1)

Author: Tracy Deonn

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What's it about?

Bree Matthews' life isn't what she thought it would be just a year ago. Now she's a motherless teen struggling with grief on the college campus of UNC-Chapel Hill as part of a residential program for promising high school students. Which, granted, participating in the educational program was in her plans, but not without her mother and not as the student who gets into trouble as she arrives!

It's the very same night that she gets in trouble that she finds the first whispers that somethings are not as they seem. Some people have some pretty unbelievable secrets, secrets she can't help but to be intrigued by! Soon she finds herself pledging to a magical secret society with roots planted firmly in some of the most epic legends in an attempt to infrentate the society and find the answers she needs more then anything, the truth to what happened to her mother and who she is, specifically, why she can do things that shouldn't be possible. But mostly, she has to survive long enough between demonic creatures, untrusting people and those who just plane don't like her, non of her accomplishments will mean much if she dies in search of her answers.


Favorite characters: Sel and, of course Bree.