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Book Review: Stuck with You by Ali Hazelwood

Title: Stuck with You

Author: Ali Hazelwood

Narrated by: Meg Sylvan

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What's it about?

Sadie is smart a civil engineer ready to save the long as she has her croissant when she needs it. Sure, she's superstitious but is that a bad thing when leads her to the love of her life? Maybe not. But what if he's not the love of her life? What if he's got other agendas?

Sadie meets Erik in the time of need and lucky her! He swoops in to save her...and she wasn't sad about it at all! Until she learns who he really is, that's when things get complicated. But nothing gets more complicated then Sadie finds herself stuck in an elevator with no one else but Erik! And after weeks of avoiding him.


Favorite Character: Sadie was my favorite. I know, kind of predictable, but let's be honest, there weren't a lot of characters in this novella! Sadie was a characters that I'm coming to expect from Ms. Ali Hazelwood. She's smart, witty, funny, vulnerable and socially awkward. She's also loyal and strong.

Favorite Part: At the coffee shop and after. Pretty much, the whole chapter. I just felt like that's when I felt like I got to know them the most but it was also fun, humorous and endearing in a nerdy, awkward sort of way that I totally appreciate.