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Book Review: Unbirthday (A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell)

Title: Unbirthday A Twisted Tale

Author: Liz Braswell

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What's it about?

What if Wonderland was in peril and Alice was very, very late? In short, chaos and nonsense, which is exactly want Alice finds her self battling!

Years after her first trip to Wonderland, Alice has forgotten much of the details and even the people but she hasn't forgotten is the silliness, the magicalness and the adventure she found in Wonderland and she's on a mission to find those feelings again. As an adult, now, she's also expected to behave like a responsible adult and maybe even find a husband, but Alice would much rather spend her time taking photos and spending time with her Aunt Vivian, even if most people seem to think she's weird. But, when people from Wonderland start to show up on her photos she's taken in England and they don't look like they are of happiness and nonsense. In fact they look...scared and miserable. Now Alice must decide what is real and what is just a dream as she struggles to find a way to find Wonderland again and save the land from the evil queen. But will she have enough time?


Favorite Characters: I'm going to do this a little different by giving you one from England and one from Wonderland.

My favorite character from England is Aunt Vivian (with Mr. Katz a close second). My favorite ting about her is her strength and refusal to conform. She's unmarried, artistically talented, supportive and witty. What a great combination! She also fights for what she believes in. But my most favorite characteristic is she has just the right amount of eccentric-ness to make me fall in love!

My favorite character from Wonderland was the Mad Hatter. He was fun, silly and nostalgic. It was fun seeing him lose his nonsense and try to get it back throughout the book.

Least Favorite Characters: Again, there's two, one from England and one form Wonderland.

My least favorite character from England was Ramsbottom. He was just hateful!

My least favorite character from Wonderland was, the White Rabbit. I thought I was going to say the Queen of Hearts, didn't you! Well, that's fair. I didn't like her, either, but I felt personally betrayed by the White Rabbit. As a kid, he was my favorite character and I expected him to be cute, cuddly and just late like I remember perceiving him as a kid. Apparently, there were things I missed back then.

Favorite Quotes: