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Book Review: Vampire Heart (Cursed Heart Series)

Title: Vampire Heart (Book 3 in the Cursed Hearts Series)

Author: Rhys Lawless

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What's it about? Caleb and Wade are at it again...well more like sucked into the job of saving London and maybe the world. This time it's not from an over powered vampire or demons. This time it's an army of...Vampires? But nothing is as simple as it sounds in London these days and things are only made worse when the Nightcrawlers have decided to no longer align themselves with the witches. And, if that wasn't bad enough, even though Wade knows who and what he is, he can't seem to master the simplest of abilities associated with those titles! How will he help defeat the enemy? Is he more a liability or an asset in this life changing battle?


Favorite Character: I've always liked Caleb. That's a no brainer. But I also really like Kathleen! It's been a rocky ride and, I have to admit, there were times when I questioned my affection for her, but she's awesome! She's not as involved this time as she has been in the past, but when she's there, it's pretty B.A. So, instead of declaiming my favorite as Caleb (though he is one of my favorites for sure) this time, for the sake of mixing it up, I'm going with Kathleen!

Least Favorite Character: I'm going to say Darius. Of course the big bad guy is really the monster of the story and he's my most least favorite but Darius is new and does not put me in danger of spoilers so.... Over all, Darius isn't so "bad" in the way that most evil villains are. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that he's not really the evil villain some may think he is. But, as far as personalities go, I feel like he's weak, absolutely unethical and making choices more out of fear then for the right reasons. Sure he does some really crappy things. Sure, he's no good guy but I just kind of feel like he's weak like Ben Solo. But I digress.

Favorite Part: I'm torn between two parts. The first part is when Kathleen invites herself into the High Counsel meeting. She's just amazing! She's strong, determined, fearless and true to herself. And the conversation when she leaves...OMG! Priceless!