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Book Review: Who you gonna call? Supernatural Society

Title: The Supernatural Society

Author: Rex Ogle

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What's it about?

Will is not happy. His parents have recently divorced and now he's found himself moving with his mom from New York to East Emerson. Sure, moving to a little town in the middle of no where might not so bad, but, then again no one told him about the monsters hiding in plain sight, hidden do well that no one seems to be able to see them for what they are (his teacher is Mummy for heavens sakes!) and no one told him that, by moving there, his best friend in the world, his dog, is in danger like every other pet in East Emerson. And now that he's there, able to see what no one but him and his new friend can see, worried about his dog, he's left no choice but to embark on an adventure like none he's ever experienced. Let's hope he can trust the only two humans he's got on his side, his neighbors.


Favorite Character: Ivy and Linus. Ivy is strong, brave, courageous up for anything. She's not book smart, not because she's not intelligent, but because she would rather focus on sports and movies then books and facts. She's caring and accepting and pretty much up for anything.

Linus is the opposite of his sister. He's super smart. He's all about facts, science and calculations. He analyzes and makes calculated moves and is quit content with relying on science to tell him the truth about what is real and what isn't. He takes comfort in his encyclopedic knowledge of the world and happily lives in that comfort space.