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Book Review: Your Legacy

Title: Your Legacy A bold Reclaiming of our Enslaved History

Author: Schele Williams

Illustrator: Tonya Engel

Suggested age: 3-13

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Specs Spot

What's it about?

This isn't an ordinary story about a slave being ripped away from Africa and brought to America. This is the story of people and their journey of strength, courage, love, ingenuity, dignity, determination, intellect and grace over years of hardships and victories. It's a a look at the history of African American people and the history of these amazing people.

Other Thoughts?

Honestly, I found this book to be refreshing. It's not a book about pointing fingers. It's not designed to depict villains or victims, defend hateful actions, it's a book about celebrating the amazing feats that often go over looked, names that are often left out of history. It's about acknowledging the history of people, of our country and allowing us to overcome hate and open conversation about those things so often forgotten.

I found this book to be both a reminder of my own personal ignorance of the world around me and inspiration to start more conversations about the people and accomplishment that often get over looked for the hate and the reason they are role models and heroes that we should be learning about and learning from so that we can continue to carry our world and our society a shove to keep it moving forward and to equality.

What do I rate it?

I give this book a


out of

10 promising legacies

But that's just me. What did you think?

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