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Movie Review: Are we INN or are we out? (Falling INN love)

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Movie Title: Falling INN love

Directed by: Roger Kumble

Movie Company: Netflix

Notable Stars: Christina Milian and Adam Demos

What is it about?

Gabriela has big dreams, but the obstacles standing in her way are bigger... and tend to come in the form of men! After a week of heart break proportions, Gabriela decides to enter an online contest on a whim? What does this San Francisco girl have to lose? Not much? But what does she have to win? A charming little New Zealand! And when she wins, she happily takes the thirteen hour plane trip followed by three bus rides to the property she's counting on being the catalyst to making all of her dreams come true. But things aren't always as they seem and the first lesson she learns upon arriving is, you can't always trust the internet! But she's not ready to give up...yet... and quickly makes her way into the hearts of the locals as she works to bring out the hidden beauty in the Inn she now owns, and shares with a ghost...and a goat who seems to think he owns the Inn himself. But can she do that without falling in love with the handsome contractor so willing to help her?

What did I think?

I love romantic comedies! It's my favorite genre, if I'm being truthful, but I can't deny that it's easy to do the expected and get cheesy when creating a romcom! But someone, Falling INN Love managed to find ways to do the expected in unexpected ways and even avoid the easy cheese that could have easily been had! While I'm not usually a huge fan of "person travels to another country and finds love in their time of need" type stories, I really enjoyed this one! I loved how Gabriela had the world fall down around her but still managed to keep her head up. She has an underlying anger toward men but can still hold her own and be friendly and bubbly, even when she's heart broken. She breezes in a happy town full of tightnight, life long friends and manages to steal their hearts and form her own relationship with them without trampling on anyone's toes. Of course Charlotte, the closest thing to a villain may beg to differ, but honestly, I find her to be an almost forgettable character. She seems to me to be a sad, almost pathetic women desperate to reach her dreams and, at times, loses herself to do so but I don't see her as an actual villain.

Really, I find this story to be more about Gabriela finding her way and realizing that she has the strength she wanted to have all along. She doesn't need a man, she is capable and her dreams were always there for the making, she just had to realize it. However, her strength was never really hidden, it just seemed to be beyond what Gabriela was ready to see as she chased after what she thought she wanted!

I'd love to say that my favorite character was so and so, but honestly, I don't know that I have one. I loved how quirky the towns people were (Norm cracks me up!) though I did like Gabriela a lot, too! And my least favorite character was, hands down, Dean. While Charlotte was supposed to be the villain, I didn't find her to be a huge threat, as I said before, more pathetic then anything, but Dean...he drove me nuts from the start! I found him to be egotistical, demeaning and rude, not to mention selfish! However, my favorite part is easy! It is, without a doubt the drive from the Inn to Jake's house! I don't know why I love that scene so much, but I do! My

My least favorite part, however, is most likely the scenes with Dean before Gabriela leaves for New Zealand...or maybe it's the add/video Gabriela watches of the Inn up for grabs and the fact that the voice over guy says "New Zealand" way too many times! Ugh! That makes me just want to scream!

What do I rate this movie?

I really enjoyed this movie! I liked it so much that by the time I was half way through it, I knew I wanted to review it for you! I even watched it four times in one I could prepare for writing the review, of course! So, after all of that viewing, how many goats will I award this movie?

I give this movie a....

4 out

of 5 Goats!

But that's just want I thought? Did you see the movie? What did you think about it?

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