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Our story, it has value

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

A while ago a friend was telling me about a fight on facebook she had gotten into. You know, one of those everyone-who-has-a-difference-of-opinion-is-wrong-and-I-refuse-to-listen-to-anyone-else arguments. In that argument, it became clear that one of the those in the thick of it didn't feel that her story was worth sharing opening and my friend made a comment that has stuck with me since. She said, "I'm sorry you don't find value in your own story." At the time I found it sad but, as time has continued to pass, now, some considerable time later, I find it almost devastatingly so. It breaks my heart to think that anyone, especially those so important to me in my life, would believe, even for a second, that their story doesn't have value.

Because it does. All of our stories have value. Those stories are the tales of our journeys, the hurdles we've maneuvered around both beautifully and with ease and clumsily and blood letting. Our stories are the tales of our victories and our defeat. They are the descriptions of all of the scars, both physically and emotionally, that we now bare on the adventures we embark on today. Our stories, they are made of the very things that got us to where we are today and where we will be tomorrow. Our stories are who we are and if who we are has no value, then what does? But it goes beyond that, even.

Our stories go beyond ourselves, even. When we share our stories, we share who we ware. We offer not just a piece of ourselves but an opportunity for others to gain so much. There are lessons with in our stories. Lessons about what could be, what have been and how to over come it. There's inspiration and the promise that it can be done, proof that survival is always an option. There's motivation to keep going and become the person you want to be, and, maybe, for the first time ever, a glimpse of who that is. And beneath it all, under all that could be life changing if we give it a chance, there is something that could be even more needed by those listening to your story, the knowledge that you are not alone.

Our stories have power. They are power. Our stories have the power to change lives; to teach others. We have the power to make a difference if we just embrace it. All of our stories have value and even power, if we allow it to. So next time you feel like no one cares, like your story isn't important, think back to this. Think back to all of the ways the stories of others have made a difference in your life, remember that people care. I care. We, at the emporium care. And your story does matter. It does make a difference. So share it. Embrace it. Love it. It's worth it. It matters. It inspires.

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