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Review: Inspire Yourself to Greatness and Talking to...yourself?

Title: Inspire Yourself to Greatness Change your Brain, Change the World

Author: Dr. Lynette Louise

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What is it about?

I know what you're thinking, "A self help book? But I'm not broken! I don't need to be fixed." Well, you're right. You're not broken. You don't need to be "fixed". Thankfully, neither Dr. Lynette or I believe that you do! So take a deep breath, because we're not here to fix you! With that being said, answering the question posed, "What is this book about?" is not so easy to answer. The truth is, it's about nothing and everything, and, what it's about the very first time you pick it up isn't exactly what it's about the last time you put it down. I know! I've just confused you more, but allow me to explain.

In this book, Dr. Lynette sets out on an adventure in which she invites us to join her. Her destination is greatness, but the path she takes, isn't always the path you take, or that I took...wait. Am I clearing anything up at all? Let me try this again. The goal of the book is to help you, the reader, discover the amazingness that's already inside of you and use it to inspire you to bring that greatness forward and continue to grow. To do this, she shares antidotes, her own thoughts, epiphanies and beliefs. She laughs at her self and even cries along the way...or maybe I just imagined that....Anyway, in the process, she asks you to do your own discovering and encourages you disagree with her, to go in a different direction as her and to find your own way. Let me repeat that. She encourages you to find your own way and your own answers. And, if she's done her job right, by the time you finish the book, you not only have a more clear picture as to where you want to end up, but you feel empowered to reach those goals in a way that keeps your integrity, morals and ethics all intact, no matter what those are.

What did I think?

Like many of you, I picked up this book expecting a "this is what you do to become great" blueprint. That is exactly what I didn't find (to my relief). Instead, I found pages with quotes provided by Lynette with a matching page right next to it for me to put into writing my own brilliant (or not so brilliant) thoughts and epiphanies. Because I LOVE quotes, I did something that I don't think was intended. I filled my pretty frame with two quotes. One I found online which highlighted the biggest topic, subject, from the chapter. I would then, under that, write my own quote from my own mind. These words of wisdom from my mind and hand, are in addition to the many empty lines left open to answer questions such as what my own definition of greatness and success to a mantra to my own short handed action plan to achieving my goals.

My pretty frame for my not so brilliant thoughts.

I loved the freedom to create my own path! I never felt like I was being preached to or lectured. I felt like someone was just feeding me concepts to think about and explore while waiting patiently and without judgment for my answer. And only then would she continue with a gentle smile on her face as I made my own way. Of course, I also felt like I had more conversations with myself then with her, as I waded through ideas, misconceptions and truths within myself, entangling the knots and the thrown out ideas that I was now re-gathering up and examining again. And, honestly, that just made me like the book even more! I'm an analytical person. I'm content with analyzing myself to come out the other side feeling like I made the journey, I discovered the brilliance revealed, I came upon the epiphanies all on my own.

Answering questions and uncovering my own ingenious thoughts.

With that being said, there a couple of things I didn't love. Now, this isn't the first book by the amazing Dr. Lynette Louise that I've read, so it was no surprise to me that we don't always agree. There are some pretty big beliefs that we differ on. And that's okay. I am able to hear what she's saying and try to understand her side of it and, even though I don't agree, I can usually still find wisdom in her words and enlightenment from her experiences, even if not in every chapter. I also know that she has some beliefs that could be viewed as controversial so, if you have a hard time finding understanding, respect, brilliance in, value in (pick your verbage) in a book that states ideas you don't agree with, you might want to check out more about Ms. Lynette before you embark on this journey. Don't get me wrong, I think this journey is life changing in amazing ways, but you need to present for it and not yelling profanity at the author because you don't like her view point.

The other thing I had a few struggles with were very few, but there. In the second and third sections, she shares her 5 step action plans in a few different chapters (don't worry! They are different!) and beneath each action, she leaves lines for you to write. Maybe I missed something, but I didn't quit get what I was supposed to write. I felt like I was missing out on my own epiphanies as I read and found I didn't have a significant thought to inject into those lines. All I thought was, "Oh! That's a good idea!" or "I like that part!" or "I'm not sure that would work for me..." None of these seemed to be worthy of space on the pretty, crisp white pages. *sigh*

However, with all of that, among all of the words, thoughts, disagreements and genius revealed, Lynette generously sprinkled her sense of humor throughout the pages, making me smile, laugh and cheer when she mentioned family members that I have previously had the pleasure of reading about. She made me think, debate and challenge myself, each time feeling more accomplished then I had before I plopped down with my phone (for reference) and at least one pen to scribble my own thoughts with hope that they are deserving to be forever beside Lynette's own genius. I remember, before I even started this adventure, debating over weather or not I should write in the book as intended. Normally, writing, even if to mark words that stand out to me or insightful notes in the margin, writing in my books are sacrilegious. Really, I want to cry if, while holding a pen in my hand, I accidentally leave mark among the pages. But I was encouraged to jump in this one with both feet and just go for it.I was even told that many were glad that they wrote in their copy. Now, after reading the entire book, ingesting the brain facts (again. The parts of the brain were never my favorite part of psychology class! But the brain broad did it well! She explained it so that anyone can understand it without feeling like she's talking down to you), answering the questions, second guessing my answers and then finding truth and piece in them, I am glad that I did write in the book. I'm excited to come back to it in years to come and see how far I've grown!

What do I rate this book?

I give this book a....


out of

5 question marks

But that's just me. I know your experience was unique to you, so, please, share with us what you thought and how you experience was in the comments.

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