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Review: Killer Heart by Rhys Lawless

Title: Killer Heart

Author: Rhys Lawless

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What's it about?

All the world may not be as it seems, as Wade and Caleb are about to find out! Wade is a witch hunter who has proven himself a lone ranger of sorts; actively keeping the people in his life at a distance. Of course, his bloody cursed heart sure helps him with that.

Caleb is a somewhat angry witch who's gained the respect of the high Priest in his coven and has managed to create himself a family...or, at least the illusion of one.

But when they are forced to come together to uncover the the moles and traitors in their mist, one working for the coven, the other for the Blade force (or, at least, that's what they want us to think), all bets are off. They must struggle to form a working relationship built upon a lack of trust, respect and a desire to be done with the other as soon as possible. Yet, something changes as their "working relationship" begins to grow into friendship and, maybe, if they aren't careful, maybe even more. Will they find companionship between them? And can what ever relationship they can form survive secrets from the past and even the present? Or will they part ways at the first sign or defeat?


Favorite Character: I had a couple. I know! You're shocked, right?

The first one was Nora. She's this sweet, wise, loving, nurturing little girl who I feels like needs to be around more. We need more Nora!

My second favorite character (listed in no significant order) is Caleb. Caleb encompasses two of my favorite "monsters", witch and vampire. On top of that, he's sweet, loving, sarcastic and smart butt individual. He wasn't perfect, but I liked him...a lot.

Least Favorite Character: Well, this is going to another time when I skirt around what I really want to say because...well...spoilers. My least favorite character was...a bad guy. This person was cruel, heartless, sadistic and just plain evil. What's not to hate?

Favorite Part: I don't even know why I even include this part! It's so hard most of the time! But, I'm going to say the final battle. It didn't feel like the same old final battle like some books do (which doesn't mean they aren't good battles) but mostly, I loved seeing all the pieces come together.

Favorite Part: The first chapter. Now, don't write this book off just yet! (haha! See what I did there?) The only reason I didn't like it was because Wade enters the scene crass and slightly lude. While it didn't follow him through the book with the same strength, I found it slightly shocking and, I'm going to be honest, a little worried about what was to come.

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