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Review: Life of the Party

Title: Life of the Party: The Remarkable story of how Brownie Wise Built, and lost, a Tupperware Party Empire

Author: Bob Kealing

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When I first saw this book, I was excited to read it in hopes of learning more about building and empire and rocking the business world. However, that's not exactly what I found.

What's it about?

Life of the Party explores the life and, what some would say the peek, of Brownie Wise's career in the home party business. Starting before Tupperware was even a sparkle in Mr. Tupper's eye, Ms. Wise found herself divorced and determined to support her son and herself as a family of two. She was business savvy, a people person and a go-getter, the perfect recipe for the queen of the empire she'd soon build in just a few years beside Mr. Earl Tupper, the imaginary genius, the inventor and the creator of what became to be Tupperware. Surviving a wild ride of ups and downs sprinkled with lessons learned through trial and error, Ms. Brownie Wise became the face of house wive's success thought out the country in post WWII America in the 1950's. However, fame and success comes at a price, a price Brownie was forced to pay while others watched, some with gleeful smiles of success, others with hurt expressions as their mentor, their role-model and their queen was pushed form her position at the top with enough bitter force to leave some asking unwanted questions.

What did I think?

Well, this short book took me on a bit of a roller coaster ride. I felt like one minute I was intrigued and interested in the story and the next I was wondering why I was reading it to begin with. While I had opened the book to absorb some brilliant business advice, really, that's not what I got, bar a few snippets of sage advice sprinkled in sparingly throughout the 298 pages of the book. Instead, I found a story that was presented much like one may expectant of a traditional documentary aired on television. Personal details were few as we followed Brownie through her people-centered success as she proceeded to climb the ladder to the top of the food chain, not just in Tupperware, but in the country as one of the first female vice-presidents in the country. Yet, in some odd way, I found myself curious and invested in her success, though I have never been a Tupperware dealer myself.

As I closed the book for the last time, I found that I had a growing sense of respect for Ms. Brownie Wise and even sympathized with her. I may not have walked away with a brilliant epiphany about running a business, but I did find comfort in knowing that Brownie Wise, like myself, felt that people were the most important part of her business and company. She put them first with faith that, in doing so, the business would soar, too! I found myself embracing the phrase, "Build the people and they'll build the business," an idea that I believe in as well. However I also found myself asking a lot of questions. Why are there so many holes in the account of her life and success? Who, when and why were there falsehoods along the way? And, finally, how can anyone who was not there, pick a side when it seems so biased, one sided and the story left in pieces?

However, as I say so often, I am really glad that I was given the opportunity to read this book and meet an extraordinary woman who paved the way for so many others and inspired thousands of people across the country by doing something she truly loved and believed in. She was a strong, remarkable woman who deserves recognition that has been locked away for far too long. I feel as if this is a book great for direct sales consultants, dreamers and business owners if, for no other reason, to remind us to think outside of the box, follow your dreams and do what you love. When you never give up, you will find success in ways you may have never even dreamed. More specifically. I'd recommend this book to any and all Tupperware dealers as a sense of gaining pride and understanding in the company that you work for. Not only may it give you a few selling tips, but some great, stories to share with your teams as well as the customers you love so much!

What do I rate this book?

I give this book a....


out of

5 wonder bowls!

But that's just me! Have you read this book? Do you know Brownie's story? How did you hear about her? Let us know what you think and what Ms. Brownie Wise has taught you in the comments!

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