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Review: Magic, Lies and Deadly Lies

Title: Magic, Lies and Deadly Pies

Author: Misha Popp

Read by: Tanya Eby

Audiobook Length: 8 hr. 1 min.

Spec Spot

What's it about?

Daisy isn't like other girls. She doesn't dream of big house, she lives in a mobile home. She doesn't have a big group of friends, in fact, she has very few. And, she's magic. Like real magic and she's using it to make the world more delicious.

The next generation of magic women in her family, Daisy uses her love for baking to share her magic with the world by lacing her pies with it. Usually it's to help college students focus better or stay calm during finals but sometimes, when the request is right, she creates a pie to die for and delivers it to a guy who is creating a situation for a woman that is toxic and she can't get out of without Daisy's help, but only then will she create a deadly pie.

But when she receives threatening letters requesting that she bake pies for three women, she starts to question exactly where the line is and when it's acceptable to cross it, a question she finds herself asking again and again as she tries to navigate through crushes, threats, and revealed secrets that could really change life as she knows it...if she can make it through in one piece.


Favorite Character: Daisy... and not just because she's the main character. I really liked that she was trying to do what she thought was right with her magic, but with a set of rules that keep her from turning into a monster. I also appreciated that she was strong and confident, though she wasn't too confident. She questioned herself and she was self aware. And she was a little quirky which always scores some cool points with me.

Least Favorite Character: The blackmailer. I know, it's so obvious but I don't dislike him because he's a blackmailer. I dislike him because he's him. He's pompous, entitled, illogical and deviously evil in a not good way.

Favorite Part: The end. And I'm not going into detail, but I'm going to with one phrase. "Payback's a bitch".

Other Thoughts:

I have to be honest. Cozy mysteries are not my favorite genre, especially when it comes to audiobooks. I generally need the characters to be fun and quirky and the thing that draws me in. Magic, Lies and Deadly Pies is different then any cozy mystery I've read. Yes, I like the characters, but I think the biggest draw for me was the magic. I'm a fan of magic. But this magic was really cool. It kind of utilized my favorite things about urban fantasy and moved them to a cozy mystery and then topped it all off with recipes at the end.

However, I will say that there were aspects of the magic that were awfully convenient. Like the idea that she can make a pie targeted to one person and anyone else who eats it will just get to enjoy a yummy pie. Or that none of these deaths are traced back to her business even though, if I remember correctly, she uses her items with her store logo on it. But, I guess there's time to address these things in future books with Daisy as this is the first in a series, right?

At the end, it's a sweet book with some fun characters and I can't ignore that Daisy is an awesome representation of someone who is bi. She doesn't fit into so many stereo types that I tend to see. I'd totally recommend this book to someone looking for a fun and quirky cozy mystery that's a little different then the run of the mill cozy mystery.


I give this book a


out of

10 Pies

But that's just what I thought. What did you think? Did you love the mixture of magic and cozy mystery? Did you hate it? Did it make you really hungry for something sweet? Let us know in the comments.

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