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Review: The Boy Who Grew Flowers

Title: The Boy Who Grew Flowers

Author: Jen Wojtowicz

Illustrator: Steve Adams

What's it about?

Rink Bowagon's no ordinary boy, but he's family's not exactly normal, too. Rink has a secret. Whenever there's a full moon, he sprouts beautiful flowers.

Then, one day, Angelina walks into his classroom, Rink can't help but like her. And Angelina couldn't help but notice the quiet boy in the back of the class that no one talks to even though they all know stories about how odd Rink and his family are. So when the teacher announces the class dance and Rink, the odd boy, hears the desire in Angelina's voice as she declines inventations to join her school friends (girls with one leg an inch shorter then the other can't dance, right?) Rink springs to action to bring a smile to Angelina's face and make a friend for life.


Favorite Character: My favorite characters are Rink and Angelina. I love that they are both different and unique, both so sweet and caring and, mostly, I love that find each other in such a pure and innocently adorable way.

Least Favorite Character: The teacher! I know she's not a very big part in the story, but every time I read this book (and this is a book I do read with my kiddos) it makes me so mad that she puts him in the back of the class and "doesn't bother" with him. As the parent of a child with special needs, it infuriates me that even she wrote off this amazing boy!

Favorite part: My favorite part is When Rink gives Angelina a special gift and then takes her to the dance. It's the sweet moments between just the two of them when they get to share their secrets and find total acceptance with each other. I also love the end because it's so happy and, especially when things were hard with my son, it gave me hope that everything would be okay.

Other thoughts:

One of the things that attracted me to this book to begin with, years ago, was that Rink was inspired by the authors brother who has Autism. My son has mild Autism so I knew I had to at least read this book. The first time we read it, we fell in love with it and it became a heart warming story about celebrating differences and seeing the beauty in what makes us unique rather then "just a story about a kid with Autism". Over all, this book is phenomenal from the breathtaking images to the heartfelt story and everything in between. It's story that, even as my children grow, I won't ever relinquish our copy, even if it's just for my own readings.

What do I rate this book?

I give this book


out of

5 flowers

But that's just me. What do you think about this book? Let us know in the comments!

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