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Throwback Book Review:Tell Me Your Dreams

I wrote this review for another blog I ran after experiencing Broke Vows in July of 2018. Some changes have been made since then.

Title: Tell Me Your Dreams

Author: Sidney Sheldon

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What's it about?

Tell Me Your Dreams centers around an interestingly diverse set of three characters, each women in their twenties. As the story starts to unfold, one by one, men who play significant roles in these women's lives are found brutally  murdered, leaving little doubt that these unimaginable crimes were committed by the same individual. But what unfolds next, as police begin to point fingers and press charges will take you on a journey of court appearances, sentencing and twists, constantly leaving you guessing what will happen next

What did I think?

To be honest with you, this book was kind of a let down. I found a number of holes in the story and was left with more questions then answers. In addition, at some points I even found myself confused as events were referenced that we never saw happen or time lines didn't seem to add up quite right as the story jumped form one moment to the next, often with a significant amount of time lapsed in between. On top of that, the writing style wasn't really one of my favorites. While I don't think the style is bad, I just prefer a more "let me create this story for you" approach as opposed to the "let me tell you the story" method that the author used for this story.

While I thought the premise of the story was great, I couldn't help but think that there were a lot of things that could have done differently to make the actual execution of it better. For instance, I would have liked to have gotten to know Alette and Toni better and seen them more often. I know that Ashley was the primary focus of this story, but l Alette and Toni both played significant roles and proved to be just as important to the events as Ashley. While I didn't dislike Ashley, I thought she could have been a stronger character as well. I was also confused about some of the questions that I thought should have, at least, been asked but didn't seem to even be a bleep on the radar of those characters who such questions would have been most relevant.

The premise, however, was fun. I liked getting to explore a subject that I find fascinating. I thought it was cool to get into the mind of someone living experiences I never will. I also appreciated the diversity in the three main women in the story, Ashley, Alette and Toni. They made for a great dynamic for us to see and examine.

The truth is, while I don't regret reading it, it wasn't incredibly memorable, either. None of the characters stole my heart, in fact I liked Ashley less as the story went on when I think I was supposed to like her more. And I also can't say that I have a favorite part, either. My favorite thing about this book was the premise, not the actual out come, though, I will admit that I do have a background in psychology which could be coloring my opinion, leaving me nitpicking at things that may not even occurs to someone without a psychology background at all!

What do I rate this book?

I rate this book a...

2 out of five knives 

So that's what I thought. Have you read this book? What did you think about it? Let us know in the comments! 

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