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Tips for finding more time to read!

Picture taken and provided by the wizards of P.G's Storybook Emporium

You have no idea how many times I've heard, "I love to read but it's so hard to find the time!" and I get it. Trust me, I've been there! But let's be honest, if we really wanted to find the time, we would. Sure, it might take some trial and error, but what lesson doesn't? I've even scrolled through Google searches looking for instructions on how to find more time, as if you can just go to the store and pick some up. But through it all, these are the things that worked for me. Maybe they will work for you, too!

1. Schedule time. Make it part of your routine. Maybe you have time over your lunch break or after you come home from work. Personally, right before bed works great for me! Because l work from home and usually work into the night, I usually leave my office to go read before taking any nightly medications that need to be taken with a little T.V and then going to bed. And, since it's part of my schedule and routine, it doesn't feel like a chore.

2. Carry a book with you. This tip always makes me think of Rory Gilmore in the episode she and Dean go to the formal dance and she carries a book in her purse with her. But it's not a bad idea. This way if you find yourself with a little extra down time, you can put it toward reading. I make sure to have a book when I have any doctor's appointment, knowing that doctors often run behind. Trips on public transportation is also a great time to get some reading in.

3. Surround yourself with readers. Readers encourage reading. They also make reading more fun since you'll have someone to talk to about what you're reading, especially if they've already read it themselves! The other great thing about having friends who read is that they can be a great source for recommendations which can really come in handy! Plus,if you get really lucky, they might also share their library with you, too!

4. Set goals. Sometimes it's just not enough to say "I want to read every day." Sometimes it's more effect to set more specific goals. Maybe your goal is to read at least thirty minutes a day. Maybe it's to read fifty pages a day. For me, my goal is to read at least 1 chapter a day. It doesn't sound like much but some days, that's all I can manage. It also takes the pressure off of me to do something that may be unreasonable some days. This way, when I'm having a busy day, I still feel accomplished for reaching my goal, and when I have a calmer day that allows me to read a hand full of chapters, I feel like an over achiever! Both days are a win in my book!

5. Read books you enjoy. Sometimes you start a book and realize it's not for you. That's okay. You don't have to keep reading it. There's no book police to arrest you for not finishing the book. Just like there's no book police to arrest you for not being diverse enough or reading what someone else in your life reads. Let's face it, when you're reading something you don't like, you don't want to do it. Reading becomes more of a chore and you don't want to find the time to partake in it. But when you like what you read, you want to find time to go back to it. It's a welcome part of your routine. Why torture yourself with something you don't enjoy?

That's just five tips that worked for me. What tips have worked for you? Let us know in the comments.

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