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Writing Challenge #2: Bedtime Stories when it Counts

What's your favorite children's book from childhood?

Simple! lol Well for me it's pretty simple. The one series of books that has ALWAYS been close to my heart from the moment I've been exposed to is the Berenstain Bears series.

I remember the first one I read (Berenstain Bears and the messy room).

I remember when Mama Bear was pregnant with their 3rd time and the contest for naming her.

I remember being confused as to why the members of the family are all named based on their relationship to the kids.

I remember feeling like Honey's name made no sense.

I remember being too old and still buying new Berenstain Bears book because I had to have them all (I've failed).

And I remember being so excited to share them with my kids.

I many things.

So, the answer to this question is pretty simple. Berenstain Bears (though I can never spell the name!) because, to this day, they are still dear to my heart.

What about you? What was your favorite story when you were a kid?

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