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Note: I wrote this post for a blog I had a few years ago but wanted to share it with all of you, too!

This salad was inspired by a number of things, resulting in me just throwing it together one day and deciding I really liked it! I didn't measure the ingredients when I thew it together and still haven't so please bare with me on that one! 

What I love about this salad is that it's so simple but such a great dish for summery meals, cookouts or large groups! It's also a great make ahead dish as it's better after sitting in the refrigerator for a few hours! I also make a big batch, resulting in left overs for days so feel free to half it for a smaller batch!

So, without further to do....


2 pints small tomatoes (you can use cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes or any other that is about that size. My favorite, though, is a mixture I get at my store of cherry, grape, yellow and a darker variety as well! It adds color and different flavors to the simple salad)

1 cucumber



1-2 pinch of sugar

1 handful mozzarella cheese (feta would also work well)

1 onion


* Wash the tomatoes, cucumber and onion

* Cut each tomato in halves or quarters, until the are the size you like. They should be good sized, though.

* Place all tomatoes in a large bowl

* Cut cucumber in half length wise

* Slice cucumber, creating half moon pieces (it's ok if they are not all uniform. Variety makes it rustic and pretty)

* place cucumbers into bowl with tomatoes

* Cut your onions into rings (do not separate yet)

* Cut rings into halves

* Separate onion pieces in individual pieces

* Place onions in bowl with tomatoes and cucumbers

* stir to mix together

* Add vinegar (I usually do about 3-4 turns of the bowl when I pour) to taste

* add 1-2 pinches of sugar to taste

* sprinkle in a handful of shredded mozzarella cheese

* mix well

* refrigerate until you serve

* Enjoy! 

Remember, everything is to taste! I've also added fresh herbs such as mint or chives as well as black pepper and we enjoyed that as well! 

What will you make this simple summer salad for?

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