A world of Puppets by John Kim


A World of Puppets

People have used puppets to tell stories for hundreds of years. Today, people also use pupets to teach. Learn more about this playful art.

2.6 week 3

Gr. P

Benchmark 38

Lexile 620


A Party and a Half

It’s summer and Roger and his dad are excited to celebrate with their friends! But will there be enough food for a very hungry Roger, his dad and all of their guests?

2.6 week 1

Gr. M

Benchmark 28

Lexile 530


Tom’s Tryouts by Ian Trevaskis

While Tom wants to sit on the couch and watch T.V, his mom has other ideas…and a secret weapon to help her achieve her goals and help Tom get into shape.


2.2 week 5

Gr. F

Benchmark 10

Lexile 260

A day of fun Informational set (Three Books)

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