In 11th-century Wales , a land steeped in ancient Celtic lore, lives the beautiful, raven-haired Wynne of Gwernach, a young innocent who has sworn never to marry. Rather, she plans on protecting her little brother and the family estate he will someday inherit.


Then the mysterious blue-eyed Madoc enters her life. Wealthy and aristocratic, he tells her they’ve been betrothed since birth, that she must marry him and live at Raven’s Rock, his castle.


As much as Wynne wants to stay with her brother, something about Madoc haunts her; something draws her to him. Perhaps it's the legend that this family has magical powers as potent as those of Merlin himself. Perhaps it is his hungry glance and all-consuming passion. And so, Wynne agrees to bind her destiny to Madoc's-despite the perils that will stand in their way.


A masterful tapestry of desire and danger, adventure and intrigue, this is a sweeping romance that only author Bertrice Small could have created.

A Moment in time by Bertrice Small

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  • Hardback

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