Africa. Laurel Binet knew she would love it-she just never imagined how much. She’d come to study join a world-renowned make a difference. And she enjoys it all: the work, the animals, the country, the people. 


Well, all except one thing. Darran Grant. For all his good looks and his undeniable skill as the resident bush pilot, he is far too opinionated. Laurel knows she needs him to fly her into the wilds, but if she has to listen to one more crack about the wildlife she loves, she’ll explode! Clearly they  have nothing in common...and the sooner they part ways, the better.


Unfortunately, Darren and Laurel can’t seem to get away from each other. And when a season of starvation and epidemic strikes, they have to learn to work together. Finally, encounters with deadly snakes and frightening kidnapping force both Laurel and Darren to examine their faith-and their feelings for one another.


Can they find harmony in the land they both love, despite the differences that tear them apart?


African Skies by Karen Rispin

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  • Paperback