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Perhaps once a decade an unknown man or woman- who happens to be a born story-teller- writes his memoirs and we have a miracle between covers. And for some reason the locale is almost always rual- a natural setting. We think that in James Herriot- who is a countryside animal doctor- and ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL we have just such an author, setting and miracle.


The book shines with humor, pathos, superb tale-telling and, a rarity above all these, what seems a richly justified love of life. Whether in a back in a much filled stable with his arm inside a cow, trying to turn a calf into the proper position to be born, or calming a wealthy dowager with an overfed Pekingese, or comforting a lonely old man whose only companion-a dog- has died, James Herriot needed all the bedside manner, stamina, skill and gift of humanity of the best family doctors.

All Creatures Great and Small (#2) by James Herriot

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