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All around the globe, people are being reported dead or missing. 


In Berlin, a woman vanishes from the city streets. In Paris, a man plunges from the Eiffel Tower. In Denver, a small plane crashes into the mountains. In Manhattan, a body washes ashore along the East River. At first these seem to be random incidents, but the police soon discover taht all four of the victims are connected to Kingsley International Group (KIG), the largest think tank in the world. 


Kelly Harris and Diane Stevens- young widows of two of the victims-encounter each other in New York, where they have been asked to meet with Tanner Kingsley, the head of KIG. He assures them that he is using all available resources to find out who is behind the mysterious deaths of their husbands. But he may be too late. SOmeone is intent on murdering both women, and they suffer a harrowing series of near escapes. Who is trying ot kill them and why?


Forced together for protection, suspicious of each other and everyone around them, and trying to find answers for themselves, the two widows embark on a terrifying game of cat and mouse against the unknown forces out to destroy them.’


Taut wit suspense and vivid characterization, full of shocking twists, and with an unnervingly realistic premise that could alter all of our lives, the long-awaited Are you Afraid of the Dark? Is Sidney Sheldon at the top of his game.


Are You Afraid of the Dark by Sidney Sheldon

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  • Hardback

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