You are having a baby! Congratulations! Now, the reality hits you-what the heck am I doing? What if you could bottle the wisdom of all those parents who’ve come before you...and mix it with the solid medical advice from an nationally-renowned pediatrician?  Baby 411 is the answer! Think of it as the ultimate FAQ for new parents. Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to pick a pediatrician with savvy questions to ask and insider tips

  • Sleep. The best way to get your baby to sleep through the night.

  • First aid-when to worry when not...and what to do when baby get sick. No-nonsense, down-to-earth advice you can trust.

  • Fussy Baby 411Is it colic? Acid reflux? Or something else? Discover the secrets to soothing a fussy baby.

  • Detailed nutrition info with a step-by-step guide for successful breastfeeding, introducing solid food and using formula.

Plus: simple steps to avoid food allergies.

  • Is my baby normal? Learn how your baby will grow and develop!


Authors Ari Brown, M.D. and Denise Fields, M.O.M have been there, done that! Dr. Brown is an official spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics and a trusted source on children’s health care. She’s been featured on NBC’s Today Show and is a medical advisor  to Parent’s Magazine. Denise Fields is the best-selling author of Baby Bargains and has been featured as a parenting expert on Oprah and in the Wall Street Journal Between them, they have four children.

Baby 411 6th Edition by Dr.Ari Brown and Denise Fields

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  • Paperback

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