Backyard Problem Solver 
Got moles? Weeds up to your knees? Critters eating everything in sight? Well, now you can get rid of these and hundreds of other problems the fast, fun, and easy Jerry Baker way. With a few of Jerry’s terrific tonics, you too can bust bugs, dash diseases, and eliminate environmental enemies in no time at all!

For over 40 years, jerry’s been solving backyard problems using common, household items like beer, dish soap and ammonia. Now, he’s put together over 2,000 super solutions that are guaranteed to make your yard look like a million bugs. 

This book’s chock-full of handy hints, helpers and how-tos like: 
    Picture perfect plants
    Backyard troubleshooting
    Beyond great greenery
    Putting it all together
    Problem solving from the ground up

So whether you’re fixing up a little patch of green or planting your own personal Garden of Eden, this book is your ticket to paradise. With a little grow-how and Jerry’s help, you can have the yard and gardens of your dreams.

Backyard problem Solver by Jerry Baker

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  • Hardback

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