Paparazzi lots available! FREE SHIPPING!

Ok, y'll, I took down my Huge lot of Paparazzi jewelry and split it up. I now have 4 smaller lots (that still have A TON of pieces in each box) ready to go out flat rate shipping! Boxes 1 and 2 are large and 3 and 4 are medium sized boxes! So what's in them? 


Box 4 (asking $275) includes: Paparazzi party invites and brochures for your team, ring display and over 100 pieces of bling including FREE SHIPPING.


Box 3 (asking $250) includes: ring display, necklace display, car window cling and receipt book, over 105  pieces including FREE BLING  and FREE SHIPPING!


Box 2 (asking $285) includes: necklace display stand, shopping bags, and drink cup, aprx. 53 adult pieces,over 105 pieces including FREE BLING and FREE SHIPPING!


And finally, Box 1 (asking $285) includes a necklace display stand, shopping bags and bracelet display, over 125 llpieces including FREE BLING and FREE SHIPPING!


Each lot contains vintage pieces (including holiday pieces) in kids, rings, bracelet, earrings and necklaces. Including in the entire inventory even headbands, fashion fix pieces and lanyards and chokers There is also a variety of metals and colors as well.


Any of these lots would be great to split amongst a team or keep all for yourself. Also great pieces to use as team rewards. It's also a great way to help your inventory stand out with pieces other consultants aren't likely to have!

BIG Lot of Paparazzi Jewelry! (Prices Vary)