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Meet Cheryl Cooper, who left a banking job in Columbus, Ohio, to run a gift shop, the Swiss Miss, in Sugarcreek, while her aunt Mitzi fufills an overseas missionary call. Cheryl is just getting over a bad breakup with her longtime fiance and is looking forward to the slower pace among the Amish community. But as she eplores a neighboring corn maze, she overhears a man's menacing voice making serious threats. Upon her return from the unsettling eperience, Cheyl discovers an ominous not and then a forboding message in a Bible. Were they written by the same person she overheard in the maze? Cheryl joins forces with Naomi Miller, the woman who supplies the Swiss Miss with homemade treats, to find out the answers. But can they catch the culprit before his frightening intimidations are carried out?

Blessings In Disguise (#3) by Nancy Mehl

  • Gently Loved

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