Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. Why would a beautiful, healthy, young doctor die such a startling sudden death in a prestigious New York hospital emergency room? And why would the authorities be so startlingly quick to label it a suicide?


Dr. Evelyn Sutcliffe is the dead woman’s best friend and she knows that shelley reinish would never commit suicide.She had too much to live for as a brilliant doctor/writer and as a happily married wife and soon-to-be mother. Evelyn is so sure Shelley was murdered that she’s willing ot put her career on the line. But why was she murdered? Who would want Shelley dead?


Little by little Evelyn begins to collect some horrifying and very incriminating information about the suspicious death. Clues to something being nightmarishly wrong pile up, but each seems to point in a different direction: Shelley was writing a medical expose that could have threatened tension had developed between Shelley and her rabbi husband...Shelley’s drug cabinet was filled with pills she had been taking against all medical wisdom...and Evelyn’s lover, who had been Shelley’s psychotherapist, now refuses to reveal what he alone knows. But most chilling of all, as Evelyn’s frantic hunt for Shellye’s murderer moves her toward shocking discovery, is the realization closing in on her...leaving her nowhere to place to one to trust…


Brilliantly blending riveting suspense, shattering insider knowledge of the closed-off corners of the medical world, and insight into some of the most hidden recesses of the human heart, Blood Run offers edge-of-the seat excitement from it’s gripping first page to it’s ultimate shocking  revelation. Leah Ruth Robinson has written the most expertly crafted medical spellbinder since Coma.

Blood Run by Leah Ruth Robinson

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