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Called the handsomest man in the borders, Angus Ferguson, Earl of Duin, lives a quiet life, avoiding the constant political intrigues of his neighbors in order to keep his small clan safe. Now, in exchange for a piece of land he has long coveted, he has taken a wife: Annabella Baird, the plain-faced daughters of the laird of Rath.


Reluctant at first, to bed the unassuming Annabella, Angus finally accepts his duty as a husbands-only to discover that beneath his bride's modest demeanor is a wildcat with a spark waiting to be ignited. When, however, they accept an invitation to the court of Scotland's Queen Mary, they find themselves caught up in royal intrigue.


Mary's unfortunate marriage to her cousin Lord Darnley has proven a disaster. Worse, it has driven her into the arms of another man, James Hepburn, the dashing, powerful Earl of Bothwell. When Darnley is murdered in spectacular fashion, and his body barely cold before Mary and Bothwell wed, the queen's adversaries retaliate with a war that divides Scotland and tries the long friendship between the Earl of Duin and James Hepburn- even as it tests the bond of passion between Angus and Annabella in ways they have never expected.

Bond of Passion (#7) by Bertrice Small

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