Dangerous Love, A (Book #1)

Orphaned by England’s War of the Roses and betrayed by her half sister, Elizabeth of York, Adair Radcliffe is taken captive during a border raid and sold into servitude to Conal Bruce, the laird of Cleit. The laird seeks a housekeeper and bedmate but instead he finds that beneath the girl’s dirty, disheveled appearance is a proud and spirited violet-eyed beauty who refuses to be tamed. It is she who will teach the stubborn Scot that love recognizes neither borders nor rank...


Border Lord’s Bride, The (#2)

Duncan Armstrong, Laird of Duffus, has sworn not to wed unless it is to a lass he truly loves. But when he needs a favor from King James, Duncan never expects what he’s forced to pay in return: the taking of a bride he neither loves nor desires.When highland heiress Ellen MacArthur’s marriage plans are thwarted by a murder attempt, she has no choice but to beg the king for help. The cost for her urgent plea: to surrender her heritage and become a border lord’s bride.The price to be paid by two strangers thrown together by fate is higher than they can imagine. And more dangerous than the passion-and betrayal-that could consume them.


Captive Heart, The (Book #3)

The year is 1461, and the winds of war rage across England, uprooting Henry VI’s court-including Alix Givet, the daughter of Queen Margaret’s physician. Alix’s plight becomes bleaker still when a Northumbrian baron gains her hand for his cruel son. Duty to her queen and to her sickly widowed father forces Alix into a loveless marriage. But when her husband unexpectedly dies, Alix, once again flees-this time to save herself. Escaping over the border into scotland, she throws herself at the mercy of a dark and brooding Laird, who-if she can warm his cold heart-might provide the everlasting love of her dreams.

Border Chronicles bundle # 1 (books 1-3) by Bertrice Small

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