Border Lord and the Lady, The (Book #4)

Lady cicely Bowen, daughter of the Earl of Leighton, is sent away by her doing father when her jealous stepmother presents a threat to her safety. Raised by a royal widow, Cicely becomes best friends with Lady Joan Beaufort, the king’s cousin. When Joan is married to King James I of Scotland, she chooses Cicely as one of the ladies to accompany her north.


At the Scot’s court, Cicely finds herself pursued by two men: elegant Andrew Gordon, the Laird of Fairlea, and Ian Douglas, the Laird of Glengorm, a rough-spoken border lord. When Ian kidnaps Cicely just as Andrew is about to propose to her, the royal court is sent into an uproar. The queen demands the return of her friend and the Gordons threaten to set the border aflame, even as Ian Douglas attempts to win Cicely’s love. But the border lord is difficult to tame and the lady’s heart is even harder to claim.


Border Vixen, the (Book # 5) (Via

Dugald Kerr, the laird of Brae Aisir, has lost his male heirs in the raging border wars. He has but one inheritor remaining: a beautiful headstrong graddaughter known as Mad Maggie. There are many eager to wed Maggie, for with her comes the profitable right to exact tolls at a famous safe passage through the border hills, which has been under the protection of the Kerrs for generations.

Keenly aware of the covetous interest in his lands, the laird announces that any man who can outrun, outride, and outfight Mad Maggie will win her and her inheritance. His proposition causes more chaos than resolution, for feisty Maggie's reputation precedes her, and the one man to take up the challenge is roundly defeated.

But young King James V learns of the laird's problem and dispatches his cousin Fingal Stewart into the borders to wed the heiress without delay so that the valuable pass may be protected. But the laird insists his conditions be met, and the heated contest of wills between Fin and Maggie brings out the fire in them both. But there are those who will stop at nothing to gain control of Maggie's inheritance - even if it means getting rid of Fingal Stewart, and his border vixen. 


Bond of Passion (Book #6)

Called the handsomest man in the borers, Angus Ferguson, Earl of Duin, lives a quiet life, avoiding the constant political intrigues of his neighbors in order to keep his small clan safe. Now, in exchange for a piece of land he has long coveted, he has taken a wife: Annabella Baird, the plain-faced  daughter of the laird of Rath.


Reluctant at first to bed the unassuming Annabella, Angus finally accepts his duty as a husband -only to discover that beneath his bride’s modest demeanor is a wildcat with a spark waitingwith a spark waiting to be ignited. When, however, they accept an invitation to the court of Scotland’s Queen Mary, they find themselves caught up in royal intrigue.


Mary’s unfortunate marriage to her cousin Lord Darnley has proven a disaster. Worse, it has driven her into the arms of another man, James Hepburn, the dashing, powerful Earl of Bothwell. When Darnley is murdered in Spectacular fashion, and his body barely could before Mary and Bothwell wed, the queen’s adversaries retaliate with a war that divides Scotland and tries the long friendship between the Earland Duin and James Hepburn-even as it tests the bond of passion between Angus and Annabella in ways they have never expected.



Border Chronicles Bundle #2 (books 4-6) by Bertrice Small

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