Amanda Scott, national bestselling author of Knight’s Treasure and Border Wedding, takes readers back to the romantic fourteenth-century Scottish Borders, where swords rang against sword and royal intrigue ruled the land.  
Border Lass  
Amalie Murray is a young noblewoman ripe for marriage. So why does she insist that she will never, ever wed? A knight of the realm, Sir Garth Napier is drawn to her feisty spirit and womanly curves at first sight. Then, on the day of the coronation of the new King of Scots, he catches her standing outside a closed door listening to the plans of dangerous men. Clapping his hand over her lips and carrying her away to safety, he’s angered by her boldness-and burning to kiss the reckless lass.  
A ruthless member of the royal family plots to rule Scotland any way he can, and Amalie’s eavesdropping may have put her in deadly danger. She knows Garth means to protect her, but trusting him with her secrets may mean losing him forever...  

Border Lass (#2) Amanda Scott

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