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There once was a time…

When longhorns bawled and cowboys hollered on the dusty Chisolm Trail...when wild young men toting six shooters danced with saloon girls and dreamed of the mother lode...when comanches on the warpath drenched the plains in blood...and one hard, hurting cowboy began a legendary trek across the American West.



Magnificent, sprawling, and impeccably researched, Brules captures the exhilarating romance of a time and a place that will never exist again. An epic tale of one man’s search for justice in the Old West, Harry Comb's classic novel tells the story of Cat Brules, whose life embraces the whole short turbulent history of the west..who sought revenge nation...who found brief, passionate love with a Shoshone woman...and who rode hell-bent toward the tragedy that would make him an outlaw, or a hero...

Brules by Harry Combs

SKU: ABW01695P
  • Paperback

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